Congratulations to the winners of the October CHANCE 100 which was drawn this morning.
1st - Adrienne Golightly - £120
2nd - Dave Bradshaw - £80
3rd - Jill Heniker-Smith - £50
Enjoy! Thank you for your support.

We currently have 97 members. It costs £5 per calander ...month or £60 for the year. Chance 100 raises £6,000 per year - £500 pcm with 100 members. Of this, 50% goes out in monthly cash prizes and 50% goes to our projects in Nepal.
Since CHANCE 100 started, we have raised around £45,000 which is enough to build 3 schools in remote areas showing what can be achieved!

Please contact: if you would like more information about joining.

I share the September monthly report for CHANCE from BVS (Burns Violence Survivors). There were 15 food baskets delivered and 9 Goody Bags to the children on the burns unit at the Kanti Children’s Hospital in Kathmandu.

Naran is aged 3, an only child and lives with his parents who are ...both teachers in the district of Karve which is 60 kms from Kathmandu. Naran was in the kitchen with his mother who had placed a saucepan filled with water on the electric stove which was on the floor. Naran was playing around when he accidentally tumbled and fell into the hot water. He got severely burnt and suffered 18%, 1st degree burns to both legs and his right hand. Immediately, his mother applied aloe vera on the injured area. Later, he was taken to a nearby health post where he received first aid treatment. After 3 hours, he was referred to Kanti Children’s Hospital for further treatment. After two weeks on the burns unit he was well enough to return home.

Sabin is also aged 3 and comes from Mustang. He is an only child. His parents own a restaurant in Kathmandu so liv in rented accommodation in the city. His parents were busy in the restaurant and Sabin was with his cousin’s sister in another room. She had boiled water to drink and left it on a table whilst she was busy cleaning. Sabin accidently knocked the table and the hot water spilled on his leg and foot. She heard him cry out and immediately applied toothpaste on the burnt area and called his parents. He suffered 10% second degree burns to his left leg and foot. He was immediately taken to the Kanti burns unit where he stayed for three weeks. He is recovering well and now discharged.

Bejetta is aged 10 and originally from Sindhupalchowk District. She lives in a rented house with her Aunt at Basundhara. Bejetta has two younger sisters aged 5 and 3. Her mother has had no contact for a long time and her father is mentally ill. Her aunt had placed rice in a pressure cooker and was busy with some other household chores. Meanwhile, Bejetta was playing in the kitchen when the pressure cooker accidently exploded. The hot rice splattered over her face and neck and she got severely burnt. Hearing her cry out, her aunt rushed to her and immediately applied tomatoes and poured cold water on the burnt area. Later, she was taken to Ishan Hospital, in Basundhara where she received first-aid treatment and referred to Kanti Children’s Hospital where she received treatment for 10 days. She has now been discharged and doing well.

Madhu is 15 months old and an only child. She lives with her parents in Kathmandu. Her father runs a small mobile shop. Madhu family originally from Dolakha District but now live in a rented room in Kathmandu Her mother had made a cup of tea and placed it on the table. Madhu who was playing nearby, knocked the table and the tea spilt over her. She suffered 10%, 1st degree burns to her cheek and chest area. Immediately her mother applied tomatoes on the wounded area and then took her by taxi to the burns unit at the Kanti where she is staying with her daughter who is recovering well.

It is hard to see how so many avoidable accidents occur, but important to understand that often the family live in very cramped conditions, there are few or no cupboards to put things away. The stove is frequently on the floor, and often an open fire on the dirt. All too easy for these tragic accidents to happen.

All names have been changed for protection permission given by parents.

THANK YOU Mike Fuhri, Mr Wonderful and the owner of 'Crab Pot Cafe' in Cromer for your wonderful donation of £375. ❤🙏
Mike also donated £385 in July. The gratuities from his customers he so generously passes on to CHANCE and has been supporting us for a few years now. I have ...never met Mike, but one of these days I will make a detour when heading north and have one of his famous crab lunches.

We were delighted to fund Mountain Heart Nepal's latest food relief programme. This was only made possible by the wonderful donors to Chance for Nepal. Thank you🙏❤

We are delighted to continue our support by providing all the medicines for the next 12 months and the nurses salary until the end of December in Dang. We have been working with the brilliant organisation GMIN (Grassroot Movememnt in Nepal) for the past 10 years. Over this period we have funded - ...5 new schools - 1 health centre - a two-roomed house for a family who lost everything in a landslide - 5 teacher skills trainings - health instruction in schools - books for a school library. It is thanks to our donors and supporters that we are able to do this.🙏❤🙏 Please continue your wonderful support.

Congratulations to the winners of the CHANCE 100 for September which was drawn this morning.
1st Sara Judd - £120
2nd Barbara Rubenstein - £80
3rd Liz Hodge - £50

Enjoy! ❤

We have 98 members so have room for two more! Please contact if would like further information. £5 per calendar month or £60 per year.

Mission Accomplished! Well done Mountain Heart Nepal and all those involved in getting vital food supplies to Langtang.
CHANCE for NEPAL was delighted to play a role in this mission by funding the food for 120 families. 🙏❤🙏

A big THANK YOU to Andrea Matthews and Marilyn Rogers who held a Table Top Sale in Langstone High Street on August Bank Holiday Monday for CHANCE for Nepal. Andrea said lots of local people and generous friends donated many lovely items. They raised a fantastic £426.55 which will go to our ...educational projects in Nepal.🙏❤
In 2007, Andrea was part of my medical team of 5 doctors and 5 non medics when we caried out medical checks on children in the mountains above Pokhara. She has been a staunch supporter of CHANCE since its conception. ❤

BVS (Burns violence Survivors) sent their monthly report for August of the children on the burns unit at the Kanti Children’s Hospital. There were 9 children on the ward. Every week they distribute a nutritional, high calorie (aids burn recovery) food basket and a ‘goody bag’ to each child. ...Both these are funded by Chance.

Sanu is aged 9 and lives in a rented room with her parents in Kathmandu. The mother’s aunt lives with them and helps them with their expenses as they are very poor. Sanu’s father has a drink problem and fights with his wife. Her father was out and her mother had placed some soup (Jaulo) on the stove to cook and told Sanu to boil it up while she got on with the cleaning. The gas stove was placed higher than Sanu could reach so she climbed onto a stool so she could see what she was doing. Her 3 year old sister was playing nearby and accidently pushed the stool and Sanu lost her balance. Her hands touched the pan of hot soup which tipped over her. Her mother immediately poured cold water over her wounds applied aloe vera. She suffered 20% second degree burns to her chest, shoulder, arm and thighs. Her mother took her to the local pharmacy for first aid treatment and then to the burns unit at the Kanti Children’s Hospital. She is undergoing treatment.

Maan is 8 months old and lives with his parents in Kathmandu. His mother was preparing a meal for the family and Maan was asleep in another room where his father had switched on an electric kettle to boil. He then went outside to get something and Maan woke up and crawled towards the kettle and grabbed it, water spilt over him. He suffered 7% second degree burns to his hand, knee and foot. He went to a medical shop for treatment, but after two days he was taken to the burns unit at the Kanti. He is still undergoing treatment.

Bipana is aged 4 and lives with her mother and sister aged 7 months in Lamjung, 186kms from Kathmandu. Her father works in Dubai. Her mother was cooking a meal for the family and the grandparents were busy with household chores. Bipana’s mother sent her to a neighbour’s house to fetch milk. On her way back, she tripped over a stone and the hot milk spilt over her face and right arm and hand. Her neighbour her cry out and she ran to her and applied tomatoes and aloe-vera to the wounds. The following day she was taken to the burns unit at the Kanti and continues treatment.

Sujan aged 11 lives with his parents, two sisters and a brother. They live in Janakpur. Sujan’s father is a financial marketing officer and his mother is a housewife. Sujan’s mother was talking to a neighbour inside his house and Sujan was playing outside with his friends. His neighbour had put live naked wires on the ground to use for some domestic purposes and had forgotten to turn the current off and unaware of the danger. Sujan touched the electric wire and was electrocuted. One of his friends shouted for help and the neighbour came running and removed the wire with a stick. Sujan suffered 7%, 3rd degree burns to his right hand. He came to the Kanti by helicopter, a 30 minute flight as he lives so far away. He tragically needed his index and middle finger amputated. He is undergoing treatment.

Permission was given to share their story and all names have been changed for protection.

Bimala Ghising, director of the Nima Academy and a dear friend, tells me that one of her past professors at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, in Kathmandu, where she studied Buddhist Philosophy is running a 'Go Fund Me' to raise funds fo 5 students who need sponsorship at her school. The Nima ...Academy lies in the Doramba region in east Nepal in the foothills of the Himalayas. Here is the link if you would like to read more about it and support. 🙏

Image for shared link
Let's Send Five Children to School, organized by Joseph LaRose

I need your help again! I'd like to raise enough money to help send five children in… Joseph LaRose needs your support for Let's Send Five Children...

We are delighted to fund 1,000 rabies vaccinations carried out by Sneha’s Care in their anti rabies vaccination programme. Shenpen, our partner on the ground in Nepal took part in today’s programme, great work. Thank you Criska Suchan for sharing your great photos.

Another day of anti-rabies vaccinations with Sneha's Care. Chance is delighted to help fund their vaccination programme, our fourth year in supporting this brilliant organisation. Take a look at their website and support if you can.🙏

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Every day, we are called upon to rescue animals from abuse, abandonment, sickness or injury. Whether it’s a street dog or any animals in need of...

We are delighted to support Sneha's Care for the 4th consecutive year in their fantastic efforts in their mass anti rabies vaccination programme. This is an amazing organization. Chance donates £1,000 a year which vaccinates 1000 dogs. Rabies can still be a killer for adults and children ...unless emergency medical intervention is given. Donations are most welcome.🙏

We are thrilled to see a good selection of books in each classroom for the first time! This being a government school, story books to enhance the child’s imagination are rarely found! Chance has been supporting MAV for over 7 years, by providing drinking water, a Tiffin meal programme, toys for... the kindergarten, and wall charts. Thank you Jane Lewis and Ivy Tan for funding the books for this school, makes my heart sing🙏 Thank you Shenpen for overseeing and organising the purchase of the books and the storage units. Looks great. I hope the school starts physical classes soon, as has been closed for many months due to the pandemic.

GMIN contacted us and mentioned a further 50 families had asked for assistance with food packages, so we were happy to help again with a further donation of £500, making £1,500 in total which has fed 150 families of four for three weeks. Thanks GMIN for all you do. 🙏

……and here are the other 50 families who received food packages from GMIN which were funded by us. Thanks again, to the York Unitarians and the Cranleigh Art Centre who donated £1,000 between them to CHANCE for this distribution of emergency food parcels for 100 families. Each pacel contained ...rice, lentils, oil and salt. 🙏❤

Congratulations to the winners of the August draw in the CHANCE 100 Club which was drawn this morning at the Cranleigh Golf and Country Club.

1st - Paul Lynch - £120
2nd - John Cohan - £80
3rd - Jenny Long - £50

Thank you so much for your support. Enjoy!

We were delighted to help GMIN with their latest distribution of emergency food packages to 50 families in Shantinagar Rural Municipality, Dang. The funds for this distribution came to CHANCE from The Cranleigh Arts Centre who held an open air classical concert last weekend in Stephen ...Dennison's garden, Ewhurst and from the York Unitarians through Nick Morrice. Thank you so much 🙏❤. How wonderful to receive the funds and within a week they were received out in Nepal and used immediately, saving lives! A further 50 families will be receiving food packages within the coming days. Makes my heart sing 🙏

We are delighted to share our Summer Newsletter 2021 for your interest and enjoyment.

Please click on the link below:

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Thank you Mike Fuhri who owns The Crab Pot Cafe in Cromer for your most generous donation today of £385.50. We have never met, but several years ago you most generously started to donate your gratuities to CHANCE. 🙏❤. I hope one of these days to arrive at your cafe when visiting the area... to thank you in person and indulge in what I'm led to believe are the best crab sandwiches anywhere! Great you are now opening for dinner from the end of July!

This short and must watch film from Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) during one of their emergency relief food distributions due to the pandemic and monsoon rains. We are delighted to have supported this distribution. If you watch closely you can see our name on the banner!
Dhruba Giri ...founded Sapana Village Lodge, an eco-friendly wonderful place to stay if ever visiting Chitwan with his wife Barsha and have created a haven of magical splendour amongst the natural habitat. SVSI is their social enterprise to help the community. 🙏

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Emergency Food Relief packages

Food Relief packages distribution program was held in Ichchhakamana Rural municipality after the during the lockdown implemented in most parts of...

THANK YOU so much to all the CHANCE for Nepal supporters. With the latest donations to our SOS Emergency Food Relief Appeal we sent £1,000 to Sapana Village Social Impact, one of our long term partners on the ground in Chitwan. In June we also sent £1,000. The monsoon rains are the worst for a ...decade, many homes washed away and livelihoods lie in ruin. Thank you to Dhruba and his team at SVSI for all your hard work.
Please continue to support - donate

We are delighted to support GMIN, one of our long term partners on the ground in Nepal. THANK YOU to everyone who donated to CHANCE to our SOS emergency food relief programme. The latest funds were sent to GMIN just two days ago and have been immediately used for those ...desparately short of food. Their food package will last for three weeks to feed a family of four.🙏 ❤. Thank you GMIN for acting so quickly.

Congratulations to the winners of the CHANCE 100 Club in the July draw.
1st - Hubert Wager - £120
2nd - James Datson - £80
3rd - Patricia Nice - £50

Many thanks for your ongoing support - Enjoy!

Bimala Ghising, co-founder of the Nima Academy is one very special lady! She and her sister are working tirelessley to provide an excellent education for 60 students in the remote area of Ramechhap. Six of the children walk 5 hours every day from home to school and school to home! The Brampton ...Charitable Trust made a donation through CHANCE to provide the school with desks, chairs, white boards, books, Montessori teaching aids, Volleyball nets, footballs and Badminton sets. Sharon Yuen, long term supporter of CHANCE has funded two new water tanks and the pipe work installation. Both are greatly helping the school. The books in one of the photos were donated by CHANCE 19 months ago.
If any supporters of CHANCE would like to fund one of the 10 scholarships children who are staying in the hostel at the school, or would like further information please contact me. 🙏
Please read Bimala's words below. ❤

We are dellighted to continue our support Sneha's Care who do great work. During lockdown it's so important to feed the street dogs who roam the streets in search of food. We also fund 1000, rabies vaccinations each year with Sneha's Care. 🙏

Such wondeful news from Mountain Heart Nepal. ❤
CHANCE is delighted to have played a role in funding this helpline with Plympton Rotary. Now there is a knowledgable and reassuring counsellor at the end of the phone which will be a lifeline to many who are sick with Covid, frightened and in remote areas 🙏

SOS - for Food Parcels and Telephone Help Line.
The total raised so far has risen to a fantastic £7,285 This is truly wonderful 🙏❤ and makes my heart sing at the amount of families we are helping with food parcels. THANK YOU so much to all who have donated through ...CHANCE for NEPAL. YOU have made a real difference. All the funds received to date have been sent to Nepal and the benefit is being felt by so many families.

The next distribtion will be in Langtang on the 12th June where 120 families will be helped. Langtang is on the trekking route, but because of the strict lockdown and no tourisam for so long, the trekking guides have had no work, the guest houses for tourists trekking in this region have had no tourists. Langtang which lies at 4000m has no vehicle access. It has been so tough for this community to get aid. Yaks and donkeys will be used to get vital supplies to this region organised by Mountain Heart Nepal, our long term partner on the ground in Nepal. Each food parcel will have 25kg jira rice masino, 4kg dal rato (lentils), 2kg sugar, 1 litre of mustard oil, and salt.

I will continue to update. Please visit if you would like to make a donation. 🙏. THANK YOU

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the June draw for the CHANCE 100 Club….Enjoy!
1st - Geraldine Williams - £120
2nd Martin Perrett - £80
3rd Diane Moody - £50

We have 99 members at the present time so have space for one more member! If you are interested please let me know.

We are delighted to help GMIN. With so many famlies going hungrey - with no work during lockdown means no pay, which means no food on the table! CHANCE has funded 100 families of 5 with emergancy food parcels in June with GMIN, a brilliant and trusted organisation and our long term partner of 10 ...years.