Thank you BVS (Burns Violence Survivors) for your monthly report for the burns unit at the Kanti Children’s Hospital during February.

The burns unit had 14 patients. They gave 36 nutritious food baskets - 21 Goody bags - 56 counselling sessions to the patients and their families and 65 ...physiotherapy sessions.

Baby of Devi is 18 days old and lives with his parents and four siblings in the district of Mircheya. After baby of Devi was born his father contacted a masseuse to give his son an oil massage. The masseuse lifted the baby above the wood fire to keep him warm. Suddenly his parents realized that their baby was unconscious and immediately rushed him to Provincial Hospital in Janakpur which was 87kms away where he received first-aid treatment. The next day, his parents brought him to Metro Hospital, Kathmandu which was a 225km journey and he was admitted for 9 days. Because the parents couldn’t afford treatment as they were on very low income, he was referred to Kanti Children's Hospital. The parents were told their baby’s delicate skin couldn’t withstand the heat from the fire and he had sustained 12%, 2nd degree burns to his bottom.
Chance through BVS has been supporting the transportation, counselling, physiotherapy, nutrition, and clothing for this baby and the family. He is currently undergoing treatment and his health is improving.

Bahadur is 7 months old and lives with his parents and brother. His father is a farmer, but to pay for the basic needs for his family, he also works as a labourer. His mother is a housewife. Bahadur’s mother had boiled water and placed it on the ground to cool, while she got on with other household tasks. Bahadur was with his mother in the kitchen and had just begun crawling. He reached out to the hot pot which fell onto him. Hearing him cry, his mother rushed to him, and called for her husband who rushed home and they took Bahadur to Atthbiskot PHC for primary treatment. He was given a dressing and ointment and referred to Chaurdhara Hospital Rukum on the same day, a journey of 44kms which they made by public bus. They referred him again, by ambulance to the Bheri Hospital, 222kms away, so far away, they didn’t arrive until the next day. Due to the lack of the burn care facilities there, he was transferred to Kanti Children’s hospital for treatment which he is still undergoing. He suffered 18%, 3rd degree burns. The whole nightmarish journey was 803kms!

Sarita is 6 years old and lives with her parents in a rented room in Bagmati, Kathmandu. Her father is a welding labourer and mother works in a bank. Sarita's mother had boiled water to bath Sarita and placed it on the floor to let it cool. She was pouring cold water into the bucket when Sarita, who was playing, accidentally fell into the hot water. Her mother immediately applied aloe vera, honey and tomatoes on the wounded area and her husband rushed her to Kirtipur Hospital on his motorbike where she received ointment and dressings and returned home. After 4 days, her wounds became infected so she was brought to Kanti Children’s hospital for further treatment. She suffered 5%, 2nd degree burns to both legs and feet.

Phum is aged two and an only child. He lives with his parents in Lumbini, 557kms from Kathmandu. Their income is very low, so his father is looking to go abroad to find work and send back to his family. Phun’s grandfather had prepared animal fodder, and Phum was sitting with him near the open cooking fire. Tragically, the vessel somehow lost balance and the hot liquid splashed over Phum’s body. His mother was nearby, and rushed him to a private clinic nearby. After receiving first aid, Phum was sent home. The next day, he was taken to Bheri Hospital for further treatment where he stayed for 4 days, due to the severity of his burns he was transferred to Kanti Children’s hospital for further treatment. He suffered 4%, 2nd degree burns to his tummy and back and needed surgery, a debridement.

All names have ben changed and permission was given by the parents .

Please enjoy this short video from Mountain Heart Nepal. They are a terrific organisation and one which Chance for Nepal has been supporting for many years. The educational books you see in the video were funded by our 'Magic Read' programme, thanks to Jane Lewis and Ivy Tan who sponsor... through Chance the publication of these books.
Dr Aban Gautam is the founder of MHN and it is his vision which is bringing the new Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital which CHANCE is also supporting to completion in Hetauda, South West Nepal. This hospital will be treating patients from July. 🥰🙏

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Nepal Earthquake Response 2022

Following an earthquake of 6.6 Richter Scale in the Far Western Region of Nepal on Nov 09, 2022. We provided immediate food, shelter and medical...

Congratulations to the winners of the CHANCE 100 Club which was drawn this morning.
1st - David Dawson - £120
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Thank you so much for supporting Chance for Nepal🥰

Fantastic GMIN , looking so good. The idea of the extra concrete in the front of the classrooms is such a good idea.
I know David's three sisters are delighted that his legacy lives on with the building of this school which will benefit so many children in the years to come.

CHANCE for Nepal
Thank you so much to everyone who came to our quiz night at The Keep in Guildford last night. We raised an fantastic £445. We had 32 people playing , with 6 teams. Thank you to Jane and Brian who so generously host these quiz nights for CHANCE. They put so much effort in ...making these evening a great success as well as providing a complimentary supper.

The funds raised on this occasion will go to Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) a fantastic organisation under the leadership of Dhruba Giri. They will distribute special cooking stoves, which cut out smoke emissions which cause so many respiratory deceases and blacken the home. £445 will buy 14 cooking stoves which will be distributed by SVSI to people in the Chepang Hills, an impoverished area with low economic status and they will make a huge difference to the families who receive them.

Jane and Brian also fund the educational sponsorship of Adesh Khadka for the past 10 years who, now in his 2nd year at college, is an exceptional student coming consistently top of his year. He receives a 25% scholarship from the college.

We look forward to our next quiz which will be at the end of April.

Fantastic work GMIN, wonderful to see the school building nearing completion which will benefit so many children. 🙏

Thank you Lama Kondan for sharing all these photos of the school. We love our partnership with Triple Gem school since 2007! Thank you once again Anna Thapa for raising £550 by running the London Marathon last October which bought these musical instruments. Great photos of a great day!

Congratulations to the winners of the February draw in the CHANCE 100 Club.
1st - Jill Heniker-Smith - £120
2nd - Sharon Yuen - £80
3rd - Chris Warburton - £50

Enjoy! Thank you for your support

We are delighted to see the progress on the new school building near Hansipur, Dang. This will be our 7th school with the brilliant organisation GMIN 🥰

We are delighted to share our Annual Review for 2022 for your interest and enjoyment. Please click on the link below to see what we have been up to.

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We are delighted to support this project of Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital and Mountain Heart Nepal. 🙏

Great to see the foundations going in for the new school building.
Excellent inititative utilising the cement bags by turning into large carrier bags for families. (Click on the images) 🙏

Congratulations to the winners in the January draw of the CHANCE 100.
1st Kim Jardine - £120
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Delighted to say, we remain at 100 members 🙏😍

Great work MHN. One of our long term partners on the ground in Nepal. Jane Lewis and Ivy Tan funded these books through CHANCE. Massive thanks to them 🙏😍

SAVI, a fantastic organisation under the leadership of Dhruba Giri. SAVI run many projects empowering women who attend one of their training programmes, this might be weaving, vegetable farming and many others. They also help the local community by providing excellent cooking stoves which cut out ...smoke emissions which cause so many respiratory deceases in the home. They have their own school too, the Sapana Village School where 50% of the students come from the poorest neighbourhoods giving these children who would otherwise have no education, so a bleak future, the chance to learn and develop. I have witnessed this for myself and have watched the school go from strength to strength over the past 6 years ago. 🙏❤️ Do watch the delightful video.

We are delighted to help your wonderful organisation which makes such a difference to the patients on the burns unit. 🥰🙏

We are delighted to be supporting GMIN in our 7th new school building funded by Chance and built with this terrific organisation.
The funds for this new school came from the legacy of David Pinnington who tragically died last December at the age of 56. David enjoyed hiking and and visited Asia twice, going to Nepal in 2011.

In September, we received a wonderful donation of £10,000 which David had bequeathed to Chance. I contacted David’s sister Susan, and suggested that with such a fantastic donation we could do something special, and so was born a new school building. Due to the pandemic no schools have been built in the last two years, so here was the perfect opportunity to build a much needed school building in Banglachuli in the region of Dang which lies 410kms west of Kathmandu.

The building will accommodate up to 100 children in four classrooms, nursery to Grade 4. Because the original building was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake and deemed unsafe, the numbers of children have fallen and the local community is desperately trying to improve facilities so the numbers increase giving local children the chance of an education! There is no electricity at the school, as happens in these remote areas. The other building housing three classrooms for the junior school are close by but were not damaged and are in good condition.

The secondary school, Grade 6 – 10 is 6 kms away but because of the terrain it takes an hour and a half to walk between the two.
Education is a gift in Nepal, especially in these remote areas. What we take for granted here as a right, in Nepal parents are so appreciative if they have a chance to educate one or more of their children.

The building work has started and should be completed ready for use by the Spring. 🙏❤️

Thank you so much for your wonderful support throughout 2022.
I am humbled by your kindness, generosity and love to our Nepalese programmes. 🙏🥰
May I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and may 2023 bring good health, peace, happiness and hope across the world 🙏 Barbara

Another fantastic result! We raised £445 with 6 teams and 32 people playing. Huge thanks to Jane and Brian, the landlords at The Keep in Guildford who host these enjoyable and fun evenings and to Emma behind the bar. We all enjoyed a delicious ...complimentary cheese and pâté platter with French bread. 😀 The funds raised from our quiz nights fund Adesh, a student, now in his first year of College who Jane and Brian have sponsored since he was aged 8. The remainder goes to our educational projects in Nepal. Thank you to all who brought prizes for the raffle, so very kind, showing your support by coming, bringing a raffle prize, then buy raffle tickets!
🥰 Our next quiz will be on Tuesday 24th January 2023.
Please contact me if you would like to book a table.

Congratulations to the winners in the December draw of the CHANCE 100 Club.
1st Bruce Holtom - £120
2nd Julie Barham - £80
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Enjoy! Thank you so much for your ongoing support.
Delighted to say we have maintained 100 members for the third consecutive month. ...🙏

Thank you BVS (Burns Violence Survivors) for your November report from the burns unit at the Kanti Children’s Hospital. There were 10 children on the ward. BVS gave out 11 Goody bags, 26 nutritious food hampers, 40 physiotherapy sessions and 33 counselling sessions this month, all funded by ...Chance.

Laxmi is 18 months old, an only child, and lives with her mother in Rungha, one of the most remote areas of Nepal which lies 620kms west of Kathmandu. Her father works as a labourer in India. There financial background is very poor.
Laxmi suffered 10%, 2nd degree burns to her upper back, neck, chest and both hands. Her mother had boiled some water and placed it on the floor to cool while she went outside to gather wood for the fire. Meanwhile, Laxmi who was playing, crawled towards the hot electric kettle and grabbed it. The hot water splashed all over her body. Hearing Laxmi cry out, her mother immediately rushed to help her. She applied aloe-vera on the burn. She hoped this topical application of aloe-vera would suffice, but the wound became infected after two days, so she decided to travel to the Kanti Children’s Hospital, which is renowned for their treatment of burns in children. Their journey took 7 days of travelling on public buses. One cannot comprehend such a journey with a child in pain. She is still undergoing treatment. The emergency fund from Chance (£2,000 per annum) will be used by the BVS team to aid them to return to their village, providing travel and food to get mother and child home in their village.

Rabin is 20 months old and an only child. He lives with his parents in the district of Kavrepalanchok, 30kms from Kathmandu. His father works as a waiter in a hotel and his mother is a housewife. His mother had boiled milk and had put it on the floor to cool. Rabin was running around when he tripped and tumbled into the hot milk. He got severely burnt. His mother poured cold water over the burn area and informed her husband. The next day, he was brought to Kanti Children’s Hospital for further treatment. Rabin suffered 10% burns to his chest, left arm and his fingers on his right hand. He is undergoing treatment.

Gyan is aged 2 and an only child. He lives with his parents in Gayn, in the district of Sarlahi. His parents recently opened a local liquor shop to earn their livelihood. Their economic condition is extremely poor. Gyan was with his mother in the kitchen whilst she prepared alcohol. She had left the hot mashed grains on the floor to strain and cool the alcohol and set to cleaning up. Gyan was playing nearby and fell on the mashed grains and sustained deep burns. Hearing him cry, his mother rushed to him and applied honey and aloe-vera on the burn as first aid. She then informed her husband and they rushed him to local village hospital where he was admitted for three days. His condition worsened so on day four he was taken to the larger Janakpur Hospital who said he needed the attention of a specialised burns unit. Due to financial constraints, the family wasn’t able to afford an ambulance fare so was brought to the Kanti burns unit by a local micro bus which took 7 hours. With no family support, they had no choice but to close their shop to bring Gyan to Kathmandu. Like Laxmi, the emergency fund from Chance helped Gyan and his family get home and provided meals for the parents whilst staying in the hospital and medication. Gyan has now been discharged.

Anitia is 9 months old and comes from the district of Sindhuli which lies 100kms from Kathmandu. Her father is a farmer and mother a housewife. Her mother had boiled hot water to bathe Sanyug but tragically, she didn’t check the temperature of the water before dipping Anitia into the bathtub. The water badly scalded his legs. She suffered 5%, 2nd degree burns to her feet. Her mother immediately took him to the district hospital in Sindhuli where she stayed for three days for first-aid treatment. Due to the lack of burn facilities she was then referred to the burns unit at Kanti Children's Hospital for further treatment. She made the journey with her mother by public bus. Anitia has now been discharged.

Thank you to all the supporters of CHANCE for Nepal, you make our support to BVS and the the children on the burns unit happen! 🙏

Congratulations to the winners of the CHANCE 100 Club for the month of November. The draw took place this morning.
1st David Wellington - £120
2nd Sue Willis - £80
3rd Paul Lynch - £50
Thank you all for your on going support to CHANCE.
I am delighted to report ...that we have 100 members, long may it last!

Wishing all my friends in Nepal Happy Tihar, the festival of lights, my favourite festival, full of colour, singing and joy. I am usually there with you, sharing in all the excitement. 😍

Thank you so much Malcolm of C&A Tickner Ltd, Cranleigh for your generosity in printing 125 CHANCE for Nepal business cards and 100 CHANCE post cards free of charge. Super generous again. Thanks to you Bret for your work on them, they look just the ticket. I am always humbled by the generosity ...of others towards CHANCE. Every act of kindness makes a difference to the children we support. 🥰🙏

A fantastic result and most enjoyable and fun evening! We raised £460 with 6 teams and 31 people playing. Massive thanks to Jane and Brian, the landlords at The Keep in Guildford where we hold our quiz nights, a special mention to Elan, whose first ever shift ...behind the bar went smoothly. Jane made one of her scrummy killer chili and rice light suppers.

The funds raised from our quiz nights fund Adesh, a student who Jane and Brian have sponsored since he was 8 years old, 10 years on and he is outstanding student in his first year of college where he received a 30% scholarship. The other funds raised from our quiz nights goes to our educational projects in Nepal.
Thank you to everyone who came last night, and for the many raffle prizes donated. I was blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm shown to CHANCE. 🥰 Our next quiz will be on the 6th December. If you would like to participate, please contact me.

Congratulations to Anna Thapa, you are amazing. Well done for completing the London Marathon and raising £1,005 for our projects in Nepal. 🙏🥰❤️

Well done Anna, Congratulations on a wonderful run. You have raised a magnificent £1,055 for Chance for Nepal. I am so proud of you. ❤️👏🥰

Congratulations to the winners of the October draw for CHANCE 100.
1st - Jill Henniker-Smith - £120
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