Your donation saves lives



Your donation really will change a life! Because CHANCE for NEPAL works so closely with partners on the ground in Nepal, your money reaches exactly where it is needed when it is most wanted. A small donation of 23p a day can really change a life now. A larger donation can change a life forever.

Child-of-Nepal - Health


Help a child burns’ victim – £5 funds a Goody Bag for a child on the Burns Unit

Education Projects


Help educate a child – £270 educates one child for a year as a day student

Street Children Project Small


Help a street child – £60 funds a day out for 24 children at Papa’s Home

Skills Training Project


Help train teachers – £800 funds a five-day teacher training course

Donation Thank You


Any donation that you make will help to change a life

Dontation for Rabies


Help fight rabies – £500 vaccinates 500 street dogs

Your CHANCE to provide better healthcare

  • £5 funds one ‘Goody Bag’ for a child on the burns unit
  • £5 provides one food hamper for a child on the burns unit, giving vital extra calories to speed up recovery.
  • £14 per month provides vitamins and supplements for vulnerable children in remote villages
  • £20 helps a family with transport to return to their village after being with their child.
  • £30 buys a large warm fleece bed covering for a family
  • £5,000 builds a health post in a remote village

Your CHANCE to educate a child

  • Just 23p per day provides a nutritious ‘Tiffin’ snack for a pupil at school
  • £50 takes all the children of Papa’s Home on a fun day out
  • £250pa gives the chance of an education as a day student including uniform and lunch
  • £400pa gives one student the chance of going to college
  • £480pa gives the chance of an education and a place in a school hostel

Your CHANCE to help a street child

  • CHANCE for NEPAL has donated £3,000 to support WEGAIN in their courageous and groundbreaking lobbying to ban the sale of glue to Under 18s

Your CHANCE to teach new skills

  • £800 funds a five-day Teacher Training workshop in remote districts of Nepal

Your CHANCE to fight Rabies

  • £500 vaccinates 500 dogs against rabies