Your donation really will change a life! Because CHANCE for NEPAL works so closely with partners on the ground in Nepal, your money reaches exactly where it is needed when it is most wanted. A small donation of 23p a day can really change a life now. A larger donation can change a life forever.

Child-of-Nepal - Health


Help a child burns’ victim – £5 funds a Goody Bag for a child on the Burns Unit

Education Projects


Help educate a child – £270 educates one child for a year as a day student

Street Children Project Small


Help a street child – £60 funds a day out for 24 children at Papa’s Home

Skills Training Project


Help train teachers – £800 funds a five-day teacher training course

Donation Thank You


Any donation that you make will help to change a life

Dontation for Rabies


Help fight rabies – £500 vaccinates 500 street dogs

Your CHANCE to provide better healthcare

  • £5 funds one ‘Goody Bag’ for a child on the burns unit
  • £5 provides one food hamper for a child on the burns unit, giving vital extra calories to speed up recovery.
  • £14 per month provides vitamins and supplements for vulnerable children in remote villages
  • £20 helps a family with transport to return to their village after being with their child.
  • £30 buys a large warm fleece bed covering for a family
  • £5,000 builds a health post in a remote village

Your CHANCE to educate a child

  • Just 23p per day provides a nutritious ‘Tiffin’ snack for a pupil at school
  • £50 takes all the children of Papa’s Home on a fun day out
  • £250pa gives the chance of an education as a day student including uniform and lunch
  • £400pa gives one student the chance of going to college
  • £480pa gives the chance of an education and a place in a school hostel

Your CHANCE to help a street child

  • CHANCE for NEPAL has donated £3,000 to support WEGAIN in their courageous and groundbreaking lobbying to ban the sale of glue to Under 18s

Your CHANCE to teach new skills

  • £800 funds a five-day Teacher Training workshop in remote districts of Nepal

Your CHANCE to fight Rabies

  • £500 vaccinates 500 dogs against rabies
New schoolJANUARY post 2021

New School Building

Our 4th School building is in Hansigaun,  Surkhet. The official handover in the presence of the school committee and teachers with the school set to open on the January 1st has had to be postponed because of a positive test for Covid-19.   The school will remain closed for a further two weeks.   GMIN

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Ashley’s Birthday Fundraiser funds incubator!

Congratulations Ashley Sault! Ashley had her 50th birthday in November.  With a party and meeting with friends not possible with government restrictions during lockdown she wished to turn that disappointment around and set up a fund-raising page for family and friends donating to CHANCE instead of a present. Ashley then added to the fantastic amount of

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CHANCE answers a plea for help in Nepal

CHANCE answers a plea for help!

Mr Yagya Lei Yogi and his wife Meena, returned from India at the beginning of August, as lockdown had been eased for a couple of weeks.  A precarious journey nevertheless during the monsoon! Over 17 months ago they went to work in India to earn money to clear their loans in Nepal which had incurred

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Nepal Mountain Heart Cover


We are excited to release a short architectural video of the new 15 bed community hospital a Hetauda. The name of our hospital is Siddhasthali Rural Community Hospital. “Siddha” means enlightenment and “thali” meaning a place in Sanskrit. Hence the hospital name “Siddhasthali” means the place of enlightenment. The idea behind the word Siddhasthali is that

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