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CHANCE for NEPAL is a registered charity founded in the UK in 2007 by Barbara Datson to help change the lives of the underprivileged and sick children in Nepal.
How does CHANCE for NEPAL help children in Nepal?
We work closely with established and trusted organizations, schools and hospitals on the ground in Nepal. We give aid and support for children and their families as well as educational and training opportunities.

Our main projects are in Health, Education, Skills Training, Street Children and Rabies Vaccinations. In particular, the charity helps fund the care of children who have been burned in – sadly, commonplace – accidents in the home and workplace. In addition the charity works with hospitals caring for children and providing information and education on prevention of accidents in the home.
CHANCE for NEPAL supports getting the sale of glue to street children banned by the Nepalese government. In October 2016 new legislation was passed to this effect.

Of course. In Nepal we are always looking for volunteers at all levels. You can teach at Triple Gem, or volunteer at Papa’s Home. It is a wonderful experience, and the children love it because they learn about other cultures. Most people who teach in our schools have found it unbelievably rewarding because the children – and their parents – are so enthusiastic about learning.

There are plenty of opportunities to raise funds at home too and CHANCE for NEPAL would love to hear from you if you would be interested in raising funds for the charity.

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Even the smallest amount can really help the work of CHANCE for NEPAL

  • 23p per day provides a nutritional “Tiffin” snack for a pupil at school.
  • £5 funds one “Goody Bag” for a child on the burns unit.
  • £5 provides one food hamper for a child on the burns unit, giving vital extra calories to speed up recovery.
  • £20 helps a family with transport costs to return to their village after being with their child in hospital.
  • £30 buys a large warm fleece bed covering for a family.
  • £50 takes the children of Papa’s Home on a fun day out.
  • £250pa gives the chance of an education for a child including uniform and lunch.
  • £400pa gives one student the chance of going to college
  • £800 funds a five-day Teacher Training workshop in remote districts of Nepal.
  • £5,000 builds a health post in a remote village.

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CHANCE for NEPAL is very hands on. I never give money to an individual or organization without a project proposal being put forward. Whether large or small projects, all are investigated thoroughly.

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Yes, I do. All the projects are frequently monitored and reports are sent to me on a regular basis and I get local feedback too. This is why CHANCE has our family of “partners on the ground”. Without them we could not be nearly as effective.

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