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Chance for a future

Chance for Nepal - Education Charity in Nepal - Chance for a Future


CHANCE for NEPAL’s main education projects take place in four schools: TRIPLE GEM SCHOOL – PEGASUS ENGLISH SCHOOL – SHANGRI-LA SCHOOL all which are in Kathmandu, and at SHREE SECONDARY SCHOOL in Chitwan, 120k south of Kathmandu.

CHANCE for NEPAL will continue to monitor improvements in children’s early learning. Because parents and the children themselves are very aware that they have a chance of a better life with a good education, the classes are full to bursting and the children REALLY want to learn and work hard!

College Fund

CHANCE for NEPAL‘s College Fund allows children who have no parents, or whose parents cannot afford college fees, to continue their education. Less able children are offered vocational skills training. Currently, we have seven students at College (five in their second year and two in their first year) who are funded through CHANCE.

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