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Chance for Nepal - PAPA'S HOLI FESTIVAL


PAPA’S CHILDREN’s HOME was founded by Lalit Shahi for 24 children aged between 6 and 16. Many of the children at Papa’s have been there since Lalit started the home in 2011: they may have no one else to look after them, perhaps they are orphans, or maybe their parents live in remote areas and cannot cope.

Lalit and his wife Dhanusha provide a loving, caring environment for all the children. CHANCE for NEPAL pays for all food at PAPA’S CHILDREN’s HOME and has recently increased funding for the food programme to make sure the children are given eggs, milk and meat several times a week. This is our fifth year of supporting Lalit and the wonderful ‘family’ – all 24 of them at Papa’s Children’s Home.

CHANCE for NEPAL sponsors one of the children directly and also funds a fun monthly activity programme for the children: trips to the cinema, the zoo or a museum, or a swimming outing or an all day picnic.

Other CHANCE for NEPAL projects at PAPA’S HOME include the installation of solar panels enabling the children to have hot showers, and new beds and mattresses and a high powered generator. These were funded directly from one of the popular CHANCE for NEPAL Charity Quiz Nights, held in the UK.


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