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Chance for Nepal - Street Children Appeal Nepal


WEGAIN ZONE is an eco-friendly site built mostly using mud, bamboo, bottles and tyres. WEGAIN ZONE provides living space to former streetchildren and trains them in a skill so that they can sustain themselves in future.

WEGAIN works with the street children in the Boudhanath area of Kathmandu. They offer counselling, and take children found on the streets to different organisations in the Kathmandu Valley specializing in substance abuse.

WEGAIN also lobbied to get the sale of adhesive glue to under 18s banned – and were successful in October 2016. WEGAIN is also at the forefront of campaigning and raising awareness of the dangers of burning toxic plastic and throwing garbage on the streets.

CHANCE for NEPAL has donated funds to WEGAIN to help get adhesive glue off the streets.

WEGAIN is seeking to develop an app so that when tourists see street children sniffing adhesive glue they can send the photo immediately to WEGAIN who will have the manpower to act immediately.

CHANCE for Nepal has also funded a hot water geyser to provide a hot shower for the children who come to WEGAIN. There is also a new Badminton net post and racquets for the boys to use and enjoy, funded by CHANCE.

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