Mass Rabies Vaccinations – 1000 Street Dogs

Rabies Vaccination 2 - Chance for Nepal


CHANCE for NEPAL has funded for the seventh consecutive year the annual rabies vaccination programme organised by Street Dog Care (SDC) in Kathmandu.  The vaccinations took place over two consecutive weekends at the end of May. Three teams of veterinary personnel, volunteers and members of the community took to the streets in three areas of Kathmandu. Around 1000 dogs were vaccinated  over the two weekends. Each dog is sprayed with a red circle so the teams know which dog has been vaccinated.  Stray dogs tend to hang out in small groups and the teams consisting of up to 30 helpers in each team catch the dogs,  offering them a treat to keep them calm and then the vet administers the vaccination. The manpower to carry out these vaccinations is considerable.  SHENPEN our partner on the ground monitors this project.

Rabies Vaccination 1 - Chancve for Nepal

Leaflets and posters funded by CHANCE for NEPAL were also distributed around the area warning of the dangers of rabies and w the measures to take if your are bitten.



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