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Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN) – Langtang Valley, Nepal

Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN) - Langtang Valley Nepal Lead


After 3 months MHN successfully managed to deliver food parcels to 120 families living in Langtang Mountain Valley on 5 Sep 2021.

Chance for Nepal funded the food supplies.

With the monsoon approaching, there was only a week window to deliver the food. However, the area was cut off immediately for several months because of the destruction of the trails caused by heavy rains.

Langtang is a popular tourist trekking area, with no road access. The valley is heavily dependent on tourism for income. Avalanches and landslides following the 2015 earthquake had completely destroyed the village killing about one-third of the population. A new Langtang valley was built 100 meters above the ruins of the old one.

New tea houses were rebuilt and so were the trails which slowly recovered the physical and economic damage. However, the COVID-19 and lockdown further impacted tourism which had started to pick up, depriving many locals of regular seasonal income and pushing them into debts.

Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN) - Langtang Valley Nepal

The food parcels for Langtang consisted of 25 Kg of Rice, Lentils (5 kg), Sugar, Vegetable Oils, Salt and Wheat flour (2 Kg) costing £2000. The transportation to the valley from Syaprubesi, Rasuwa district via Mules was supported by the locals.

CHANCE has provided vital food supplies to 400 families with MHN across Nepal since the pandemic. It is a privilege to help such a brilliant organisation. Thank you to all the supporters of CHANCE who made this happen.

A short video of the food parcles being transported.

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