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NIMA ACADEMY in Ramechhap



We are delighted to support Bimala Ghising, a truly remarkable young lady with a clear vision and her team at  Nima Academy which lies 3140metres above sea level in Ramechhap, around 4-5 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Bimala writes…… so touching….

First of all, to all my dear sponsors, I would like to apologize from the very core of my heart for updating Nima Academy school construction and sponsored student information very late. Due to school construction, at the same time running school full time, and looking after the hostel students from early morning to late evening, I could not update early. I hope you all will understand as I didn’t have much time for myself. But today, after a few days of good rest, I am writing to you all with full gratitude. I want to say thank you and love you all. This year has been a blessing for me due to each of your kindness, love, and support.

Nima Academy School has come a long way. We now have 9 class rooms, one office and a library for the students. We have three washrooms, one bathroom, and are also in the process of constructing a hand-washing basin. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. It may take few more months, but the main structure of the building is done. We need to make a play ground and finish painting the school building. Buy library books and book shelvs and much more. This would have been impossible without each of your contributions. So, I pray for you all to the Buddha’s and bodhisattvas of the 10 directions to protect you physically and emotionally in this life and many lifetimes.

 Through your kindness, many children of this village will get to study in a comfortable classroom, where they will have access to proper drinking water and washrooms for many years to come. You all have done such compassionate work with an open heart, even in these difficult 2 years. What wonderful beings you are all! And gratitude! Gratitude, Gratitude for your benevolence. May love and wisdom spread throughout the whole universe. May each of your wishes be fulfilled.

List of my dear friends who have helped in Nima Academy school construction and student sponsor. Especial thanks to my dear Barbara who has always been so positive and have helped Nima academy so much, thank you is not enough to show you our gratitude.

  1. Barbara Datson {Founder of Chance for Nepal}:
    • 2019 : All in one Books and dolls for class Nursery and L.K.G
    • 2020 : 14,850 NPR
    • 2021 : 2,50,000 NPR
  2. Barbara Datson and Sharon Yuen: Britain
    • 2021: 60,000 NPR for School drinking water project.
  3. The Brampton Charitable Trust: Britain
    • Year 2021: £1,500 {for school Chair, Desk and whiteboard, playground).

    Thank you, Barbara it is, all because of your help we were able to receive help from the Brampton.

  4. Joel Hardin: My dear Rangjung yeshe Friend America
    • Year 2021: 1,50,000 NPR { One lakh fifty thousand rupees) for new school building doors and windows
  5. Harald Hansen Føllesdal and his lovely family: My dear Rangjung yeshe Friend Norway
    • Year 2021: 2,00,000 NPR { Two lakh Rupees} for school construction and 1,29,450 student sponsors
  6. Jagriti Shrestha: 15,000/- NPR (Nepal)
  7. Harmandeep Gill – 8486 /- NPR (India)
  8. Dorje Rabgye – 75,000/- NPR (India)
  9. Niranjan Rajkarnikar – 5779/- NPR (Nepal)
  10. Joost Palenstijn – 61,285/- NPR (Netherland)
  11. Ja – Sing (Tulku lag) – 10,000/- NPR (Nepal)
  12. Hsiangwei Wan – 25,000/- NPR (Taiwan)
  13. Basanta ram Nakarmi – 50,000/- NPR Nepal
  14. Joseph LaRose : 1,59,000/- NPR ( thank you so much Joseph lag for raising fund through Go Fund me a/c) really appreciate your help.

thank you

Kind regards,

You can see many people have helped make this happen.

CHANCE is privileged to be part of this wonderful new school run by Bimala,  an inspiration to us all.

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