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Chance for Nepal SHREE Post - LEAD PHOTO - DEC POST-Home page


Chance for Nepal SHREE Post - LEAD PHOTO - DEC POST-Home page

CHANCE for NEPAL’s ‘Tiffin’ Programme at the Shree Secondary School in Chitwan is now in its 5th year and proving really successful. Attendance at this government run school has increased as parents are keen for their children to receive a nutritious and balanced midday meal. For many of them, this meal is probably the most the child will eat that day. We now offer the Tiffin Programme for up to 70 children, from kindergarten upwards. The menu changes daily and on most days the children have fruit. The diet also includes eggs twice a week, pasta with vegetables, bean and lentil stew with rice and bread and jam with milk and fruit.

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On my annual visit in November, the order of the day was rice pudding, made with milk, served with apple and greens, yes greens seem a little strange with rice pudding for our Western taste, but I assure you the children ate it all up with great relish!
Initially the Tiffin was brought into the school each day by an outside vendor, but the teachers noticed the quality and variety went downhill, so they devised a rota system where a team of teachers cook for the children. This has had a real positive effect within the school, moral is high, the teachers rise to the occasion with enthusiasm and a full tummy equals a happy and contented child.
We need more funds to extend our Tiffin Programme higher up the school. If you would like to donate to this programme please visit:

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On my visit, I gave out toothbrushes and children’s stickers which I had brought out with me to the children in the lower school. I also donated a brilliant set of puppets about the adventures of Ferris the Frog. Introducing the children, through puppetry, to tell their own stories and interact with each other and the teacher. The puppets and accompanying book which have a moral message for the children, one of fairness and politeness give the children the chance to use their imagination in a fun and exciting way.

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