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Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN)

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We are delighted to support Mountain Heart Nepal (MHN) in their education programme as well as supporting their medical camps by funding medicines. During the medical camp on the 19th July at Naulo Jyoti English School in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, the children were excited to receive 300 books donated by CHANCE. Over 100 children received a medical check.


On the 28th July, a further 156 children and 200 adults received a medical check. We wish to continue with the distribution of books at each medical camp. Education is a child’s passport to a brighter future and books are the pathway to a child’s imagination and further development. In the west, often a given, in Nepal, a gift!

MHN phot 2 for July post

The preventative mobile medical camp of four doctors and health professionals by MHN was to tackle any outbreak of epidemics from the recent severe flooding due to the monsoon season. The clinic was aimed for people living in temporary settlement camps around Bhaktapur. Notably, MHN was the first responder to mobilize for the response program.

MHN last photo to go in the last paragragh by medical check

The majority of the patients attended with problems of gastroenteritis due to contamination of water reservoirs following the flooding. They were prescribed with essential medications, along with instruction regarding proper water purification techniques and adequate intake of fluids.

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