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Our Second School in Vidhyapur

Our second School - Chance for Nepal


CHANCE is delighted to have funded a second school, this time in Vidhyapur, Surkhet in the region of Dang.The first school was in Dhanbot near Surkhet.

The school built by GMIM, this being their 38th school was completed in August.

Desks made and ready for action!

There are 221 students registered at this school, which runs nursery to Class 5. The new building houses four classrooms, which were built 25 years ago. In the April 2015 earthquake, the old buildings were badly damaged and unsafe to use. Since then classes have been conducted outside under canvas.

Under Canvas - Chance for Nepal

The local community contributed with free labour and local materials for the building, and the Community Forest Committee contributed with wood for the desks and chairs which enabled us to fund 15 sets of wooden desks and benches which were made on site.

The school has six government paid teachers.


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