CHANCE for NEPAL funds and supports skills training in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, to bring about economic independence and financial security – and to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Providing training for women and teachers are priority projects for CHANCE for NEPAL. In these two areas,  important work by CHANCE aims to safeguard the economic welfare of future generations.


Through SHENPEN (their partner on the ground), CHANCE funds skills training organised by the Women’s Co-operative Society (WCS) in Nepal.

Learning vegetable farming skills with WCS enables women to support themselves, their family and their community and also to fund their children’s education and improve life for the next generation.

In the Tamang Community in Bhardeau, the WCS organised a four-day training course on basic farming of seasonal and unseasonal vegetables. Women learnt to grow vegetables – like cauliflower, cabbage and tomatoes – all year round, using tunnels to protect the crops from adverse weather conditions. They also learnt how to use worm castings as manure and compost.

There are two levels of training: Elementary and Advanced. Advance Training instructs on administration, costings and employment and follows on from the Elementary Training.

WCS conduct 6 trainings per year where over 260 women take part in different regions.

Skills Training – Teacher Training

GMIN organises Teacher Training Workshops in remote areas. In the summer of 2016, 19 teachers (targeted from Nursery to Grade 3 in English) attended a five-day Teacher Training Course at Babiyachour, Surkhet in the Dang region. Teachers from the local village schools who attended the course stayed on site and learned motivational skills. The workshops were funded by CHANCE for NEPAL. Two further five-day workshops were carried out in April 2017.

CHANCE for NEPAL also funded a seven-day workshop in creative teaching techniques led by a team of Teacher Trainers to encourage and motivate the teachers at Pegasus English School and Triple Gem School both in Kathmandu.

Encouraging and motivating teachers to stimulate and tap into the child’s imagination helps the process of learning and provides the building blocks to a brighter future.