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Sneha’s Care – Rabies Vaccinations

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Sneha’s Care is one of the largest animal welfare charities of Nepal.  Founded by animal advocate Ms. Sneha Shrestha in 2014 to protect the street and community dogs from torture, cruelty or ill usage of any kind, it has long campaigned to develop the welfare of man’s best friend. Sneha’s Care provide professional medical and humane care to injured, sick and abandoned dogs and other street animals in its animal shelter and also in the field.

The dogs in Kathmandu are often subjected to the most horrific cruelty. They are beaten, kicked and hit-and-run by vehicles most of the time making them injured, in pain or starving. They have a well-equipped team consisting of veterinary doctors, assistants, and helpers who handle the cases by visiting the spot in their animal ambulance where the full-fledged medical facility has been installed to transfer the animals to our clinic during severe cases.

In 2018, CHANCE for NEPAL funded 1050 rabies vaccinations along with awareness leaflets and badges which are given to school children when the team goes into schools and gives a presentation on how to treat dogs and what to do if bitten.

A fantastic organisation with progressive ideas.

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