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We are delighted to report that the third residential teacher training organised by GMIN (Grassroot Movement In Nepal) has now been completed at the end of April 2017. This was …

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New Toys For Patients

CHANCE for NEPAL is delighted to provide three new sit-on-and-have-fun toys for the playroom at the Kanti Children’s Hospital.

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Sale Of Glue Banned

The sight of a group of street children sniffing glue on the streets is commonplace – and heartbreaking – in Nepal. CHANCE for NEPAL supported WEGAIN’s successful campaign at government …

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CHANCE’s New Radio Programme Helps Prevent Burns

A brand new radio programme funded by CHANCE for NEPAL advises listeners how to avoid burns and accidents in the home, many caused by open fires in the home.

CHANCE for NEPAL has funded a new radio programme advising listeners how to avoid all to0 commonplace accidents in the home. These accidents are often caused by open fires and cooking pots containing boiling oil or water. The first programme went out in June 2016 and founder Barbara Datson took part in the November broadcast whilst she was visiting Nepal. Each month there are interviews with doctors, plastic surgeons, the head sister of the Burns Unit, parents and the patients themselves.

How effective can this be?

The programme will reach 73 of the 75 districts via a network of 200 community radio stations throughout Nepal. In the remote villages of Nepal, families depend on radio to keep in touch so the programme is assured of a large audience.

And for the future?

This vital, half-hourly programme will be transmitted once a month – a vital life-saving educational tool.

With thanks

The radio programme was the initiative of Burns Violence Survivors (BVS) in Nepal and ACORAB Community radio. It is funded, thanks to your support, by CHANCE for NEPAL.